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 30 Years of Sustainable, Stylish, and Functional Outdoor Clothing


For 30 years, Micklagård AB has been producing outdoor clothing that is not only sustainable and stylish but also highly functional. 

It all started in 1993 with the founders, Jan and Anette Gullberg, who had a passion for hunting and outdoor activities but found themselves sweating and getting wet in the poorly designed clothes of the '90s. 

Being a clothing designer, Jan couldn't accept this and came up with a brilliant solution. He and Anette purchased the entire Swedish army's stock of wadmal, a woolen fabric that is wind and water repellent, and perfect for outdoor activities, hunting, and survival.

With Wadmal as their base, Jan and Anette designed and sewed their own hunting and outdoor clothing that could keep them warm and dry all day in nature. Fast forward to today, Micklagård's equipment is trusted by hunters in the Scandinavian wilderness, fishermen in the North Atlantic, and mountaineers on the world's highest peaks.

In 2020, Micklagård's clothes were tested on the History Channel's program "Alone" and received high praise from the participants for their quality, durability, and functionality in extreme situations. Their best-selling product, the Anorak Abisko, is a spacious anorak with a hood that keeps you warm in all weather without hindering freedom of movement. It's designed for a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, hunting, camping, and skiing.

Micklagård has a wide range of outdoor clothing and accessories, all designed with the same focus on detail and quality that made Anorak Abisko such a worldwide success. Despite its success, Micklagård is still a small company based in Hagfors, Sweden, with a strong focus on quality and customer service. Jan and Anette are still involved in all aspects of the business, from designing new products to production.

Sustainability is also a top priority for Jan and Anette, and they are proud that all their clothes are produced from wool, a natural material with minimal climate impact. Micklagård's commitment to sustainability and quality makes them a brand worth supporting for anyone who loves the great outdoors.