Moments shared by our customers

Moments shared by our customers

Evert-Jan van Roekel wearing Micklagaard clothes

We received a letter from a customer:

“Hello dear Micklagaard friends.

The Hamra trouser arrived and it is PERFECT!!
Thank you for your time and knowledge to make these trousers perfect!!

Here are some pictures of the complete Micklagaard outfit. I am training for Fjällraven Classic with the trouser and anorak and on the back a backpack with 25 kg. 

It fits and feels very well in our rainy and windy weather and temperature between 0 and 10C°. 

When sitting and waiting (wildlife photographing) I wear the Kebne jacket, Nice warm and silent and enough space to move. 

Kind regards;
Evert-Jan and Jolanda van Roekel
Forestry werkers from the Netherlands

Evert-Jan van Roekel, dressed in Micklagaard outfit


  • James Edwardson

    Hi Jan, Anette, Ivan and the whole team at Micklagaard!

    I cannot thank you enough for making me my made to measure Abisko Anorak. This piece of clothing surpassed my expectations it is not only a highly functional garment which kept out all the horrendous weather the Swedish wilderness could throw at me but it is a piece of art!

    I used the Abisko Anorak during a 2 week canoeing expedition to Sweden from the UK as part of my land kit and it was not only tremendous comfortable, it was waterproof, dried super quickly, and kept me warm when the rain and wind lashed us.

    I will certainly be buying many more items of Micklagaard clothing and won’t be surprised if others, who I went on the expedition with, will do the same.

    Thank you again, James

  • Dr. Volker Weiss

    I used pants and the hunting anorak the first time and it was the best hunting clothes I ever wear. I am 65 years old and hunt over 50 years in my own area , sweden, greenland, siberia, kirgistan , scotland and kasachstan, so I have a little bit experience. Its warm and dry when I use them on an ugly rainy days and protect me . All my synthetic closes I uses so many years I offered my friends for present. I will order more stuff from this perfect high quality outdoor clothes. Thank you Ivan for every friendly contact

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