Callie Russell - "Alone" Season 7 and "Alone Frozen" participant.

"Alone" contestant wearing wool anorak and pants in the wilderness

For most of my adult life, I have lived outside the walls of modern homes, immersed in the great outdoors. As any seasoned adventurer knows, finding the right gear can make all the difference. That's why discovering wool clothing was a game changer for me - it offers a unique combination of attributes that are essential to outdoor living.

When I found out that I would be participating in Alone, a History Channel show where contestants are left to fend for themselves in the wilderness, I knew that I needed as much natural fiber clothing as possible, including wool and animal furs such as my trusty reindeer parka. Previously, I had mostly sourced my wool garments from thrift stores and bargain bins, but the extreme conditions I would be facing in the Arctic called for something more fitting to the task ahead.

Enter Micklagaard, a family-run company based in Sweden that creates exceptional wool garments. 
Let me tell you a little bit about why I love wool:

When it comes to temperature regulation, wool is unparalleled. Its natural ability to insulate by trapping air pockets within its fibers keeps you warm in cold conditions, while in warm conditions, it is able to absorb and release moisture, helping to keep your body at a comfortable temperature. These same properties also allow wool to maintain its insulating abilities even when wet, making it an ideal material for outdoor enthusiasts.

As I trekked through the Arctic wilderness in search of sustenance, I was constantly on the lookout for tracks and signs of potential game. With survival dependent on my ability to procure food from the land, I needed to be ready at any moment to go into "hunting mode." Wool garments were essential to my success, as they are quiet and resistant to snagging and ripping. Unlike synthetic fibers that create a scratchy sound when rubbing against each other, wool moves silently, allowing me to move undetected.

Returning to my shelter after a long day of hunting, trapping, and gathering, one of the first things I would do was start a fire to warm up. The fire was often very close to me, as I cooked my food, dried my clothes, and snuggled close to the flames. Synthetic fibers, like those in my sleeping bag, are easily damaged by embers from the fire. However, I never had to worry about my wool clothing, as it is naturally fire-resistant, allowing me to cook, work, and sleep without fear of damaging my clothes.

Another advantage of wool that is often overlooked in extreme conditions is its antibacterial properties. Wool helps to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria, making it a game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts who don't have the luxury of frequent showers.

As a participant in Season 7 of Alone and Alone Frozen, I have experienced some of the harshest conditions imaginable. With the goal of surviving 100 days in the Arctic wilderness with only 10 items, choosing the right gear was essential. Micklagaard's wool products, including my Anorak Abisko and Harma Professional Pants, played a crucial role in helping me survive for 89 days in some of the most extreme winter conditions.

In conclusion, I can't recommend Micklagaard's wool products enough. Whether you're facing extreme winter conditions or just looking for high-quality, versatile gear for your next outdoor adventure, I highly recommend giving them a try. In fact, I am not the only contestant on Alone to choose Miclaggaard clothing 
fact, when I returned to Alone Frozen, my fellow contestants were all clamoring to get their hands on the wool pants that had served me so well.


Joe, myself, Amós, and Woniya all chose to bring Micklagaard pants on Alone Frozen. Now that is a good endorsement! The word is out, and every season more Alone contestants choose to wear Micklagaard’s amazing wool clothing. 

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