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 30 Years of Sustainable, Stylish, and Functional Outdoor Clothing


Micklagård AB is a Swedish company that has been making outdoor clothing for 30 years. The company was founded by Jan and Anette Gullberg in 1993 in Kiruna, Sweden.

Jan Gullberg had a passion for hunting and outdoors and wanted to create clothing that was durable, functional, comfortable, and stylish. Today, Micklagård is a successful company that is known for its high-quality wool outdoor clothing and accessories made of Wadmal fabric, a felted wool fabric with incredible properties for outdoor and hunting garments.

When Jan and Anette started Micklagård, they had a clear vision for their company. They wanted to create outdoor and hunting clothing that were durable, functional, and comfortable. They also wanted to create clothing that was stylish and could be worn both on and off the trail. They believed that outdoor clothing didn't have to be boring or ugly, and they set out to prove it.

One of the first products that Jan and Anette created was Anorak Abisko.

Anorak Abisko is Spacious hooded anorak that will keep you warm in any weather without sacrificing freedom of movement. The jacket is designed to be worn in a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, hunting, camping, and skiing. It is also a popular choice for everyday wear, thanks to its stylish design.

The Anorak Abisko quickly became Micklagaard's best-selling product. Customers loved the jacket's durability and versatility. They also appreciated the attention to detail that Jan and Anette had put into the design.

Over the years, Micklagård has expanded its product line to include a wide range of outdoor clothing and accessories. The company now offers everything from hunting and hiking pants and jackets to hats and gloves. All of the products are designed with the same attention to detail and commitment to quality that made the Anorak Abisko such a worldwide success.

Despite its success, Micklagård remains a small company based in Hagfors, Sweden with a strong focus on premium quality and top customer service. Jan and Anette are still involved in every aspect of the business, from designing new products to production. They believe that their hands-on approach is essential to maintaining the high standards that their customers have come to expect.

One of the things that sets Micklagård apart from other outdoor clothing companies is its commitment to sustainability. Jan and Anette believe that it is important to minimize the environmental impact of their products, that’s why all clothing is made of Wadmal fabric (wool).

Micklagaard’s clothing has been put to the test on the hit TV show "Alone" on the History Channel since 2020. The clothing has been worn by some contestants during multiple seasons, enduring harsh weather conditions and intense physical activity. The fact that Micklagaard’s clothing has been chosen for use on the show speaks to its quality, durability, and functionality in extreme situations.

 Micklagaard’s gear has been used for survival all around the world in harsh conditions. Whether it's hunters in the Scandinavian wilderness, fishermen in the North Atlantic, or mountaineers on the world's highest peaks, our wool clothing has proven to be a reliable and essential tool for survival. The incredible properties of wool, especially felted wool like Wadmal, make it the ideal material for outdoor and hunting garments. It's no wonder that people have been using wool clothing for centuries to stay warm, dry, and comfortable in even the harshest environments. At Micklagård, we continue to honor this tradition by creating high-quality, sustainable, and functional outdoor clothing that people can rely on in any situation.


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