Our story



1977              Jan and Anette met at workplace, a high-end leather and fur garments company. Anette was the head of sewing production, Jan the head of cutting section.
                      The company moved production to Malta. Jan and Anette were responsible for setting up the production from scratch – from empty factory floor building production lines for cutting and sewing, recruiting and education of the employees.
1977– 1982   Malta factory
1982              Back in Sweden, starting a family
1983              Moving to Kiruna in the very north of Sweden to teach and educate cutting and sewing.
1993              Micklagaard is established, starting out with production of fur garments. Micklagaard is the Viking name for Konstantinopel.  It is believed that the vikings made sails from a wool material close to vadmal since there was no production or trade with cotton or linen during this time. The name Micklagaard associates to us to the Scandinavian origin and craftmanship.
In the same year the Swedish military was selling surplus material. A small amount of vadmal was purchased. A test collection was made and introduced at a trade fair in Nürnberg, IWA, the biggest fair for hunting.  A year production was sold at the fair and Micklagaard was a success.
Back in Sweden with a full orderbook, all of the surplus vadmal material was purchased from the Swedish army. Micklagaard is the sole owner of this unique material made in Sweden in a very high quality for the Swedish army.
2000              The Gullberg family and Micklagaard moves to Hagfors, Värmland to take Micklagaard closer to market.
                      Continuing participation in national and international fairs, the customer  influence has encouraged developing collections for outdoor urban- and hunting clothing as well as garments for extreme weather conditions.
                      Several projects and partners have passed during the years. Some more successful than others. Putting all eggs in one basket proved not to be the best. Therefore Micklagaard decided to investigate new ways of collaboration and marketing.

2017              We started our own webshop. No middle hands guarantees the best price for our customers and the best personal service.

2020              WE CONTINUE TO WORK FOR YOU