What to wear when tracking mountain lions. Hint: wool clothing.

What to wear when tracking mountain lions. Hint: wool clothing.

Joshua Lisbon studies mountain lions for a living. He wears wool pants from Micklagaard, because "anything else gets shredded in no time".

Studies mountain lions

Joshua spends his days tracking these elusive animals through the wilderness of Montana, USA, learning how many there are, how they use the landscape, and how they are all related.

Tracks the big cats during winter

Most of Joshuas work is conducted during winter, when the snow lets him track the big animal for miles.

Needs clothes that can endure severe weather

These cats go to really terrible places, high up in the mountains. So Joshua needs clothes and gear that can endure severe weather conditions and hostile environments.

Most garments get shredded in no time

For Joshua, most garments get shredded in no time, cause they get caught on rocks and sticks which punctures even the most sturdy textiles.

Wool pants are built to last

But not his Micklagaard wool pants. "They don't catch on things, they don't shred, they are very durable, and built to last", he says.

Plastic clothes will melt

Many outdoor clothings are made of plastic. And the risk is that if you get too close to a fire, you won't have pants. It will just melt. But that's not a risk with wool clothing.

According to Joshua "It's more durable if you have an outdoor lifestyle".

Wool is silent

Another feature that is crucial for Joshua is that wool is silent.

"When they brush up against a bransch or themselves they don't make noise". "These pants are durable, fire resistant, they will hold up and they won't stink. So I'd recommend them to anyone with a pretty serious lifestyle, and hunters too", says Joshua.

Joshua uses Hamra Professional pants

Joshua uses custom fitted Micklagaard Hamra Professional wool pants. Check them out here: https://micklagaard.com/collections/t....

Read about Joshuas work

All of Joshuas work is publicly available and you can watch an unending stream of wildlife photography at www.mpgranch.com.

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